Volunteers , Sponsors are welcome

Budgets, tasks, progress and benefits are shared transparently.

The sponsors will directly provide materials and pay directly to the  beneficiary / project coordinator. The project coordinator volunteer will share the accounts with supporting documents.

The program enables flexibility. You can plan your schedule based on the program. There will not be  any need to lock yourself to any one program for a long time. If you like the program, be  a part of it. 

sanmarkkam.com listing does not collect any money or material. We are a listing service and not a trust. All programs are managed by volunteers

Volunteers and Sponsors

By RB | August 3, 2018

We have existing set of volunteers providing support to different type of projects. Browse thro the projects to figure out whether you are interested in any of existing projects. If not, you may propose your project for evaluation. Registered Volunteers and Sponsors