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Thaipoosam 2019 Project updates

We had opportunity to participate in few projects for Thaipoosam in Vadalur. Vallalar Mission – Lecture & Exhibition Vallalar Mission , Tiruvanamalai conducted lectures , exhibition promoting healthy life style , peace in Vadalur on 21 Jan 2019 attended by 2000 participants. Sanmarkkam audio were also distributed. sponsored a part this event. Exhibition setup…

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What type of Projects we Accept?

Register your Project The projects adhering the following criteria can be listed in the Project List. Measurable Results The project should have measurable results. Evidence should be available on the utility and benefits reaching the recipients of the community project Not harming any Animal or Human Project listed should not harm any animal or human…

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Volunteers and Sponsors

We have existing set of volunteers providing support to different type of projects. Browse thro the projects to figure out whether you are interested in any of existing projects. If not, you may propose your project for evaluation. Registered Volunteers and Sponsors

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Launching Crowd Organized community Projects – This website is a listing service connecting community projects with volunteers and sponsors.  We are not a trust. We do not collect money from anyone. is a platform to list community projects. Volunteers and Sponsors can co-ordinate and conduct the program directly. Any payments or sponsorship will…

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Arul Purna Siddhi Yogam Bangalore 5 Aug 2018

Day long Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle Program Register Now Learn Yoga, Meditation Healthy hot Meals Admission Free Learn about Herbals Arul Purna Siddhi Yogam designed to learn Meditation, Yoga and chanting, Benefits of Herbs. Breakfast, Lunch and evening snacks. Relish tasty Healthy food and Herbal beverages   Peace of Mind, Prevent lifestyle Diseases and leading to…

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